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Nombre de usuario: tampacoder

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Ubicación: Ruskin, United States

Miembro desde: julio 2011



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  • $35 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor Toluntt


    Hace 3 dias

    Honest and fast freelancer. Definitely will hire again. Gj!

    Project Description:I need to buy somethings online. You will buy three different things for 21$'s in total. I'll pay you 35 from here (Including freelancer fee)
  • $750 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor pc2ccreative



    It was a huge project and a difficult one to follow due to it shear size and amount of changes. Lots of late nights and weekends with frayed nerves. Will definitely use Tampacoder again.

    Project Description:To completely replicate in Wordpress with full CMS to be supplied. Front page to be designed like/and taken from and replicated Blog section to...
  • $35 AUD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor bcumner



    good experience with this freelancer!

    Project Description:I need a person in the USA who has access to Lyft & Sidecar services in their area to make a video showing use of the apps. I need to find out exactly how these apps work & what all the options are through every screen on your phone...
  • $125 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor jdameli12

    jdameli12 [ Informe incompleto ]


    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Respuesta de tampacoder:

    We bid for a site as described in his project description , after hiring us he began adding a ton of extra requests to the project that were not disclosed in the project description and therefore not reflected in our bid or time allotment for the build. We bid 7 days and delivered the site within 5 days as outlined in the project description which included the site with all requested functionality and we even threw in basic rebranding and setup nowhere in the project description or discussion did he ever mention that he expected a new design or theme. Until he realized we were ahead of schedule and figured he could extort some free stuff out of us with threats to file a dispute and leave bad feedback if we didnt comply. We have proof on our local server this project was delivered as required feel free to contact us regarding this review and we will be happy to show you the work we did for him.

    Project Description:I need a this website cloned It needs to have the complete functionality of this website.
  • $15 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor jazzbug0318

    jazzbug0318 [ Informe incompleto ]


    Freelancer claimed the audio was inaudible. I ended up doing it myself and I could hear it well. I just wanted him to do it for the most part and note inaudible parts for me.

    Respuesta de tampacoder:

    Upon receiving the audio only one party was clear enough to transcribe, we tried several times to enhance the audio and eventually came to the conclusion it was impossible to provide a accurate transcription, at which time we immediately notified the client we could not proceed, we also refunded the milestone, and gave the client free of charge a 60% completed transcription as well as the enhanced audio file, all in all we spent 4hrs on it there comes a point where it is not cost effective, we do not understand why they left a bad review we were more than courteous and gave them work that was done for free with no complaints, upon checking this employers past reviews they have in the past provided other freelancers with horrible inaudible audio, and in turn left them horrible feedback, next time we will insist on hearing the audio first. (lesson learned)

    Project Description:I have a 32 minute phone recording. I would like someone to transcribe it. it is a .mov file, so you'd need the right software. I'd be willing to pay $10 for it. Shouldn't take longer than 1.5 hrs to do it...
  • $50 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor inet29



    tampacoder has done an amazing job. We worked together until late to deliver exactly what I was looking for. I do honestly recommend tampacoder!

    Project Description:I need about 17 images for my website. Some images already exist and need to be adjusted (i.e. add some smaller images on it), others exist but need to be recreated (i.e. 6 of them) and others need to be changed some part of it...
  • [Sealed]
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor PPMultimedia



    RP and the rest of his team were absolutely fantastic! They were extremely professional, highly skilled, and knowledgeable! They worked with us right up front to discuss exact requirements and made sure that I knew exactly how they were going to approach the project so there were no surprises. You will be very impressed when you hire RP and team for your next project. We are already underway discussing the next big project! Thank you for a job so well done!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $300 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor gap17311



    The tampacoder frelancer was made a great job, he made our new site for artist musicians crafts people distribute their works to customers worldwide at can register at

    Project Description:I want to build a site for domain, you should suggest a good idea to monetize this domain. The site should be fully automated. submit your solution via pm preferred platform...
  • $65 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor LilMax



    Great work, made the background I wanted, perfect timing, even put a extra logo in. For results go check out the upcoming video website for watching streaming free videos and episodes online.

    Project Description:Within a month I'll launch my video website. In the meanwhile loads of things have to be done. One of these tasks is getting the perfect background and I'm going to need one of you for this. Be creative and out of the box...
  • $10 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor ctaylordill


    11/07/2012 has been successfully completed by tampacoder. Techerr allows users to buy and sell micro gig jobs for up to $100. Tampacoder duplicated the addons he added on Excellent job again and will continue to use.

    Project Description:Need a programmer to duplicate clone script
    tampacoder has not completed any projects.
  • $600 USD En curso

    I need a website withe look and the function of this website- halloweencostumes dot com. Provider will provide images and logo. The max price will be 600 dollars. Blog page, logo, and favion will be needed.This website will be created and perfected on the providers website before it is placed on mine. Lowest bid gets the first consideration. Serious providers will have examples of their work.If you over bid you will be ignored.

  • $200 USD En curso

    I have a product that I would like to sell on Amazon. Need some help

  • $750 USD En curso

    I want to know if you guys can make me a bitcoin trading site and give me a list of features that you can make me. Also tell me how experienced you guys are in bitcoin.

  • $80 USD En curso

    I run an artist management company and I am looking for a web designer to build websites for my artist via wix platform.

  • $650 USD En curso

    i need a you to be creative and build an Ad-network using the adquick script.. The adnetwork will be about male enhancement.. I need you take control and becreative and come up with the content, logo and design.. t Even if you have to copy from other ad networks..I already have the sites to be in the ad-network, see below.. I need to come with the ad-network.. you need to be cretive and build this thing from start.. I will give the domain to use and control panel and that will be it.. everything else will be by you.. I ONLY WANT WORKERS WHO HAVE BUILD AN ADNETWORK BEFORE AND CAN PROVE ITI WILL NOT PAY FOR THE DEPOSIT UNTIL I SEE SOME WORK FIRST.. SO BUILD ON YOUR SERVER THEN SHOW ME..THERE ARE TOO MANY FRAUDS THAT OCCUR ON THESE SITES...THESE ARE THE TYPE OF SITES THAT WILL BE IN THE NETWORK..BLACKANT.USHARDTENDAYSPILLS.COMHERBVIAGRA.comLANGYIHAO.COMMOJORISEN.ORGREALSKILL.ORGSAMURAIXPILLS.COMSTREEOVERLORD.MXSTREEOVERLORDPILLS.comBLACKANTPILLS.comSUPERTIGERXPILLS.COMYIYEBACILANG.COMWHATMENLIKE.USTIGERKINGPILLS.COMAFRICABLACKANTKING.COMAFRICANBLACKANTPILLS.NETBLACKANTKINGPILLS.COMHAPPYPASSENGERPILLS.COM

  • $3000 SGD En curso

    Greetings,I want to create a pennyauction BASED website like quibids along with its function like online e-commerce, games and badges(achievements). I would also want to integrate it with a groupon styles system. a one stop online market place for electronics goods and shopping. I already have the a groupon like system php system. I need you guys to integrate it. As for the pennyauction system, The games that will be features will be flash based just like what you see on the actual quibids site. I know there are alot of quibids clones out there but I have seen those live before but there is no game segment, online shop and badges for users to collect.As for the gaming portion, user will first have to pay to play the game using the credits they purchase. the credits can also be used to directly buy the item from the shop. if they win in the game, they will have a chance to win 3 to 4 times the amount of credits they place. (think of it like a jackpot machine)Badges wise, is there for the users to collect and when they get it, they will receive free bonus credits.the system must have Facebook connect and also admin functions to control the bids and more importantly, the game system credit input and output. I have on hand a jackpot game source code where at the back end, they allow me to input the win to lose ratio. i will need that integrated as well.As for the back end, it will be primarily be based on the pennyauction system, the groupon component and the gaming component will piggy back on it.I have seen a couple of quibids clone back end and I would require a little more features imported from the pennyauctionsoft system (the whole timer system is screwed up) which I currently own.Graphics wise I am happy with the layout of the existing quibids clone models and the only alteration would be:1) the currency will be in $2) will use paypal as the primary mode of payment.3) company logo will be changed to mine.I do not expect you to create the pennyauction script from scratch as I understand that there are so many clones available. You probably want to work from there as I want to launch it the April to may region and just "add on" the shop, games, badges and groupon system.Please do let me know if you have what it take to develop this system.Thank you and Best Regards,Eugene

  • $300 USD En curso

    I am looking to create a Adult Industry job Board, where the sex related jobs can be posted, need a logo designed for the site, need a complete CMS control from the Admin, lots of Banner and Banner management and fees, see for the banner displays, online payment management, video resumephoto upload, job post with various fields and categories with locations, featured jobs, need a script like softbiz job portal script but with different fields added through admin. captcha for security, net nanny and over 18 yrs only access to the site. I need to have total control from the Admin.More details will be shared after the project has been awarded. Project cost is $300

  • $20 USD/hr En curso

    My site has the html and css completed but needs the php to make it all work. This is a redesign, so all the information is all ready there. I am looking for someone in the USA, Canada or the UK. I need PHP for login pages, and sensative data transfering to your website. The site only has 5 pages.Cheers,Ryan

  • $1500 USD En curso

    I need to build a website to interface with a DVD movie software. Here is a website to look at : , We are doing the samebut we will have a main store and other interface location that we set-up to rent movie for us. He are a few software that I been looking at Videomate,Vmt software and All rental software work with PHP programming

  • $25 AUD Ayer

    Create a Image set of devices like the google set.Want white desktop image, preferably windows 7 taskbar.Should be in .ai or .psd so it is modifiable.devices should be individual in the file so they can be duplicated or removed.

  • $250 USD Hace 2 dias

    Build a php site for ecommerce where buyers and sellers connect. Sellers can create their store and sell to buyers. Buyers can buy products from multiple sellers. Something like etsy.

  • $30 USD Hace 2 dias

    This is for a logo - start with the same logo (helmet/axe pick). Instead of the "B" for bitcoin, make a brown coin with a "shit" logo, like this . - Logo - Icon (500x500) - One version with just the icon, and one with the icon and the domain name - FACEBOOK/GOOGLE+COVER PHOTO SIZE851px x 315px - TWITTER HEADER IMAGE DIMENSIONS (icon is centered, so don"t do it in the center)1252px x - start with the same logo as you did for Instead of the "B" for bitcoin, make a brown coin with a "shit" logo, like this .Then the "Mining" words in the logo should be brown to match the shit.

  • $250 AUD Hace 3 dias

    Hello,I"m building a new website using Square Space and the Avenue template. I"ve created an index page as my home page. I would like each image on the homepage to link to a secondary index page. This isn"t possible with the templates available on squarespace and requires some tweaking of the code. I"d also like to remove the index images that reappear at the end of the separate galleries. I think this is a very simple job for someone with web skills - but not for me! Attached is an image of my home page. I"d like each of the images to link to a secondary page that looks and functions the same way as this does. I can send through my squarespace login details if the job sounds like something you might be able to do.Cheers,Hilary.

  • $250 USD Hace 3 dias

    I am looking to create a simple PHP webpage for a physics and chemistry tutoring service for Northern New Jersey[, USA].There are currently two tutors: one chemistry tutor, and one physics tutor; and the contact form should know which tutor should be contacted. Additional tutors may be added in the future, but we are not looking for an extensive backend/login system.The webpage should:-Be responsive to the browser (Desktop/tablet/smart phone)-Look modern and comfortable to a student or parent (use of parallax scrolling, high resolution pictures of students in a classroom setting)-Have a contact form which forwards an email [and/or text message] to the given tutor-Use the Twilio library and send a text message to the proper tutor when the contact form is submittedI have attached the contact form (docx,pdf) for the necessary questions to be filled out.Please post below if you require clarifications or are interested!

  • $30 USD/hr Hace 3 dias

    Need a bookeping/payroll for a small electrical company with only 3 employees

  • $5000 USD Hace 3 dias

    A site like, EXCEPT audios only. Allows listener participation (talkback). Can base it on existing public internet broadcast platforms, or even on blog platforms such as WordPress (if it works). Deliverable would be a demo site for raising further funds for the commercial service.

  • $1700 USD Hace 12 dias

    Hi,I need a professional ecommerse site with shopping cart, payment gateways, zoom, SEO etc. Here are requirements:Admin Panel - CMSWeb-based admin panelVery easy to useWYSIWYG editorProducts, menus, content and bannersQuick to add or edit contentTutorials should be given on all functionality,User Registration Process User Registration with specific fields like Username, Name, Email, Password, Account activation using email verification code to avoid the junk registration Login/Signup Module for user login from the front end Recovery Password Option InvoiceAutomatic PDF invoicingCreate template with header and logo for invoiceSample number of productsSetup a variety of different product typesMultiple images with zoomAuto create of thumb, no need to resize any imageSet products as featured, special, new and/or in-activeSet old price to show discount valueSet to sell only when in stockCheck OutEfficient check out processOrder confirmation email on payment and shipping Create or edit incomplete orders Payment OptionsAccept credit card payments and / or EFTs, with proper 3d screeningEmail MarketingIntegrated with our online storeSubscriber and list managementVarious templatesSchedule campaignsSend campaigns to a specific segment of subscribersCustom ControlsCustom controls can be developed to suit our requirementThemes and Custom DesignSetup our website with full design of templateDesign a logoSearch Engine OptimizedOn page optimizedOnclude built-in SEOFriendly URLsProper use of H1 and Title tagCustom URLsDiv based codeIndexed on all Search Engines,Link BuildingArticle submissionDirectory SubmissionPress releasesOn page OptimizationOff page optimizationSEO CopywritingBloggingStationary DesignsHTML tag creationBack linksKeywords submission,Mobile SEO,Meta tagsContact us PageContact us page will have with form with 5 to 6 fields Once the form submitted , email will go to Admin email id , with all the detailsDisplay the address of the Office location Google Map support for display the Office Location Achowledgement of receiptSECURITYFull HTTPS / SSL SupportSecure HTTPS / SSL Administrative AccessPassword-Protected Administrative AccessThawte (Verisign) CertificationRSS Feeds Website will get captured with all RSS feeds Feed burner too will installed to send a mail to users Ticket handling Functionality User can post the questions, User can see the status of his posted question, User will get answer form the corresponding scholar,Maximum of three questions per user to be filtered everyday. Ads Management Admin can add/Remove the Ads from the backend Homepage and some inner page will have a add widgets Admin can manage the ads functionality Google Analytics Installing google analytics code provided by the client Analyzing the code functionality Social media connections Social networks will be connected such as twitter, Face book etc. Social media links will be placed in the website User can connect social media by using this links Side Widget which scrolls downServer requirementsA webserver or web hosting account running on any major Operating SystemPHP (5.x and above) with MySQL supportMySQL 5.0 and aboveSupported browsers on different operating systems and also various mobilesMicrosoft Internet Explorer 5.0+Mozilla Firefox 1.0+Mozilla 1.4, 1.7Opera 7.0+Safari 1.2.5+Netscape 6.0+Google Chrome 1.1.4+Chrome onWindowsMacLinuxInternet explorerAndroidBlackberry, Nokia, Sumsung, Sony Ericson, MotorolaTesting and Fixing Bugs Quality Testing for the entire website Fixing if any bug is found SH404 to be cleaned

  • $2500 USD Hace 14 dias

    Website 10 pages HomeServices commercial property management residential property about portfoliocontact Tools and plugins Word press content management Word press SEOGoogle Analyticator Plugin Google Webmaster Gravity Forms plugin Intergration with Mail Chimp Social Media Plug ins Premium Theme from Woo Configure Word Press Google AnalGoogle Webmaster Google Ad words

  • $129 USD Hace 14 dias

    Design a logo for Hair Extension CompanyElegant The Logo need to be in the following formats: Ai, Ps, Png and VectorWaiting on the TAG: to go with the logo

  • $750 USD Hace 15 dias

    i want to start a dating website, just bought ska date and read so many bad reviews about it. need help installing the program with other details added. I basically need help with everything about the program, i know little about computers.

  • $500 USD Hace 15 dias

    I would like a ecommerce site with a subscription model exactly like Customer has to be able to select if the total order should be recurring or not. It shouldn"t only be the single products that can be recurring as I can do this myself. The customer should be able to log in and change the subscriptionThe site should preferably be build around Wordpress and maybe Woocommerce.

  • €1000 EUR Hace 17 dias

    We are looking for a dev to develop our web application. The first version of the system needs to be rather simple but feature complete. We are thinking of using ASP.NET, CSS3, HTML5.Our preferred host is Heroku. We are open for suggestions in this area.The application is a Learning Management System where user can signup and practice by doing practice tests. We consider the application to be divided in two parts:The User Area: This part of system is exposed to the users and here a user can select what category to practice. Also this area displays the question in a wizard style fasion and also displays the results at the end of the test. User should also be able to view a list of results for recently done testsThe Admin area:This part is for administrators where questions can be added and categorized. Also users can be managed in this area, and also pricing for different products.Other FeaturesLogin using the facebook account, Payment with PayPal, Export of users and some basic statistics to the excel format.If you are interested in this project we would like to discuss in more detail and would like to get a pricing for this application.Besides the technical development we are also looking for a design of the application.

  • $5000 USD Hace 17 dias

    We are a group of international entrepreneurs and investors looking for a young creative webmaster who can design and maintain a website for an e-commerce company that we are ready to open.All the logistics and investment funds are ready for the business and we are hoping to find the right member to add to the team to complete the puzzle.The potential member should be able to develop a website similar to a autotrader/ebay/craigslist combination. Previous e-commerce website experience a plus. But we will require a portfolio to see the work you have done to evaluate your skills and experience.We are ready to negotiate for the Web-development to launch the company (one time cash payment) and then negotiate for a salary for the maintenance.If you are interested please contact Vik with your quote, resume and portfolio.Hope to hear from you soon.Thank you,Viky

  • £150 GBP Hace 17 dias

    to make logo for cloves and skate boards

  • $1500 USD Hace 17 dias

    Hi thereLooking for someone to build and develop a hotel website like these: or you tell me how much it will cost to make and reproduce it using same technology?Needs to be multi-lingual, English, French, Chinese, Spanish. Also needs a booking app embedded in every page - we are using Sabre SynXis CRS im looking for a hotel website system that is easy for me to maintain in the future - Im confident using Content Management System If you have experience with booking / hotel websites and can do this then please get in touch!Please do not apply without having read the full brief above and looking at the hotel links as want something very similar

  • $750 USD Hace 19 dias

    Hi,We need the following:1. Duplicate this Sales Page, but with our own content: The Video"s need to be image sliders3. Once Someone Clicks on [Get now button}, payment MUST BE THROUGH STRIPE GATEWAY4. When they Click Submit, we need a module that:--- A: Has them (Log in through their email provider, so we can email an Invite to their address book)--- B. An auto email invite from the NEW MEMBER, needs to be generated to his eMail address book. "Hi, this is JOE." Etc. 5.. Sales Page is to be created on WORDPRESS6. WORD PRESS has an Affiliate module. This needs to be installed as well and a link placed at the FOOTER of the page so people can sign up as affiliates and help promote the site.7. The Ability to SHARE the site through Social Media should be presentThe Modules already exist, the sales page is fairly simple, but our SD, are busy on other projects. The time frame is 15 days flat, and 1/2 payment will be made ONLY after seeing and testing the final product on your own Server. Once verified, 50% of payment will be made at which time you can port it over to our server and the remaining 50% will be made. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not agree now, please refrain from submitting a proposal.

  • $250 USD Hace 19 dias

    We need our company website migrated to WordPress so that it is easier to manage. Company website:

  • $250 USD Hace 19 dias

    I would like to make a new website to a client; here is the sample of it; it should look same; it must be responsive, 360 virtual tour, pictures and floor plans; only thing that is not there; i would like to add a page that can calculate interest of the apartment or house; so a calculator type for easy calculations for users; not something fancy; simple is enough.*ALSO: for sample of interest calculation:

  • $250 USD Hace 19 dias

    I need a website design for my restaurant with my menus & food pic

  • $1666 USD Hace 19 dias

    Successful freelancer could be making a very profitable business towards one day becoming part of the company.Looking for honest and reliable persons only.

  • [Sealed] Hace 22 dias

    We would like to build an online store for our website. We are a walking tour company. offer 3 tours and we would like our clients to be able to book them all online. These are the tours, their schedule and prices:1 Discover the Old Town- Daily in April, May, June, September and October at 10 am and 6 pm- Daily in July and August at 10 am and 7 pmPrice: 90 kn per person (around 12 €) Kids under the age of 12 don"t pay for the tour2 Walls and Wars- Daily in April, May, June, September and October at 9.30 am and 3:30 pm- Daily in July and August at 9:30 am and 5:30 pmPrice: 90 kn per person (around 12 €) PLUS the walls fee (on spot; please read a note)Kids under the age of 12 don"t pay for the tour1+2 Combo WalkCombination of walks 1 and 2. The walks can be done on any day, same day or days apart as long as the time is scheduled time. 1 Discover the Old Town- Daily in April, May, June, September and October at 10 am and 6 pm- Daily in July and August at 10 am and 7 pm2 Walls and Wars- Daily in April, May, June, September and October at 9.30 am and 3:30 pm- Daily in July and August at 9:30 am and 5:30 pmPrice: 170 kn per person (around 23 €) PLUS the walls fee (on spot; please read a note)Kids under the age of 12 don"t pay for the tourIMPORTANT: There is additional fee for the city walls (to be paid on spot, at the entrance): 100 kn per adult (around 13.5 €) and 30 kn (around 4 €) per child aged 5-18

  • $155 USD Hace 27 dias

    ProspectTaxi - We search and find prospects that fit your business, then deliver them right to your front door!At ProspectTaxi - unleash our fleet of experts to search out and deliver to you the exact prospect you are looking for. Even take your prospects through a guided tour of your business, product or opportunity BEFORE we deliver them to your door!Looking for a fun "yellow-cab" looking mascot/car to fit this business model.PMB any questions.UPDATE: Added much more money. I need to see some great designs. I"ll have a need to create different "looks" for this logo/mascot. I"d like Ideas for both a core business type logo, and a friendly "tour guide" mascot.

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Team Leader

Jul 1999 - Present (14 years)

RP & Associates Inc.

I am a team leader for RP & Associates Inc. I run a team of 5 highly skilled web developers and coders. We specialize in custom coding and high demand platforms. I directly oversee the daily operations from conception to completion. We have been in business for over 14yrs servicing tampa bays internet technology needs.


Bachelors in applied computer sciences and iternet technology

Florida Institute of Technology



Microsoft certified


MCITP Overview<br />The Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certification helps validate that an individual has the comprehensive set of skills necessary to perform a particular IT job role, such as database administrator or enterprise messaging administrator. MCITP certifications build on the technical proficiency measured in the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications.<br />


Google Certification

Fully Certified in google adwords ppc and optimization<br />The Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam covers the most basic aspects of AdWords and online advertising, including account management and the value of search advertising.<br /> o The Search Advertising Advanced Exam covers intermediate-to-advanced best practices for managing AdWords campaigns.<br /> o The Display Advertising Exam covers intermediate-to-advanced best practices for advertising on YouTube and the Google Content Network.<br /> o The Reporting & A